September 24, 2017

On one coast, you’ll discover tacos that taste like they’re directly from a roadside stand in Mexico, and on the other, a lip-smacking range of treats made with fresh-caught lobster. Looking for out local food is one of the most popular methods to check out the country, says Michael Stern, co-author of Roadfood blog. “When we wrote the first edition of Roadfood 40 years earlier, it was incredibly unusual to take these kinds of journeys,” Stern states. “But for many years, America has started to commemorate its local flavors.”

Place on your stretchy trousers and take a drive along among these mouthwatering paths in the nation’s tastiest areas.

BBQ Through South Carolina
The Foodie Route: Charleston To Seneca 252 Miles

Barbecue cooking approaches vary throughout the nation: The sauces are more vinegar-based in North Carolina, meats are frequently smoked in Texas, and in South Carolina, you get a mélange of sauces on the side. The Palmetto State’s BBQ is so famous that there’s a state-promoted “Barbecue Trail,” and a map is offered with the places of 230 of the state’s most revered restaurants.

Restaurants On Route 66
The Foodie Route: Baxter Springs To Victorville, 1,451 Miles

Driving along Route 66 through 8 states is an all-American experience that has a unique foodie dining element: regional, homespun diners. If you begin in Baxter Springs, Kan., Angels on the Route serves as a delicacy known as Aztec Chicken, along with a chicken breast topped with shrimp, bacon, avocados and chiles. Ensure to pull over at the 66 Diner in Albuquerque, New Mexico, for a Pile Up of pan-fried potatoes with chopped green chiles, bacon, eggs, cheddar cheese and a side of ’50s music.

Ice Cream In Vermont
The Foodie Route: Montpelier To Woodstock, 54 Miles

Ice cream lovers flock to Vermont year-round. The Ben & Jerry’s Factory Tour attracts big crowds for behind-the-scenes take a look at how Cherry Garcia, Phish Food and other beloved tastes are created. However, the entire state is packed with regional dairy farms, such as Billings Farm & Museum in Woodstock, where you can work up your very own batch the old school way: churning it by hand. Even further north in Montpelier, Birchgrove Baking produces maple ice cream as well as some other seasonal flavors.

Tacos In California
The Foodie Route: San Diego To San Francisco, 566 Miles

The picturesque drive along Highway 1– a mix of winding coastal roadways and cliffside beach views– makes this road journey worth it. Wherever you decide to start, though, opportunities are you will not be far from a fantastic taco. In San Diego, take some time to sample a fish taco from Mitch’s Seafood, a family-owned joint where the majority of the menu is captured simply off the beach. Even more up the coast, struck up Guisados in Los Angeles, where the homemade tacos are well-topped with anything from steak Picador to chicharrones.

Seafood In Chesapeake Bay, Md
The Foodie Route: Annapolis To Fells Point, 35 Miles

At Fells Point, steamed mussels take the spotlight. Annapolis concentrates on blue crabs and fresh, merely prepared steamers. When the crabs are in season, Newburg is the hot-spot to roll up your sleeves and dig in. Oysters have made a significant resurgence in the Chesapeake after preservation efforts to curb contamination have been revived.

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